Hattiesburg officials working on career development raises for employees

Hattiesburg officials working on career development raises for employees

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Employees with the Hattiesburg police and fire departments could soon be seeing a raise for advancing their careers.

Hattiesburg Chief Administrative Officer Ann Jones is heading up the task of sorting out career development raises for departments in the city.

"The raises for career development were adopted with our 2018 fiscal year budget," Jones said. "What we're doing now is we're listening, we're listening to our police department, and we'll be listening to our fire department, how they feel, what they see."

The individual employees can help themselves by the more they learn and achieve, according to Jones.

"With the career development plans, its dependent upon the employee, where they're at within their career, where they're at within their certification development, where they're at within their educational development, so it's very dependent upon the employee," said Jones.

The development raises were built in to each departments budget, all with the goal of keeping and rewarding employees, according to city officials.

"Other goals that we have, of course, we want to promote longevity," Jones said. "We want to create a path to upward mobility for these guys, let them be able to see where they can grow if they are willing to stay and invest in the City of Hattiesburg and that investment be reciprocated."

Hattiesburg Fire Chief Paul Presley said the raises will greatly help his department.

"One of those things that's going to help us retain a lot of our good people, and hopefully help us attract some good people," Presley said. "That's been a problem over the last ten, 12 years, we haven't been receiving that."

"We want to create careers, not just have people who are just employed," Jones said.

According to Jones, the raises will vary per employee and have not yet been determined by city officials, but the raises are set to be rolled out starting in April 2018.