HFD to begin annual fire hydrant testing

HFD to begin annual fire hydrant testing

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Fire Department is getting the word out about some annual testing and maintenance that it will be doing with fire hydrants.

Beginning October 18, firefighters will be testing 2,000 hydrants across the city.

It is done each year to make sure they're functioning properly, which will help the city keep its Class IV fire rating.

"What we normally do, we make sure they don't have any defects," said Paul Presley, chief of the Hattiesburg Fire Department. "Of course if they do,
we'll notify the water department and they'll come out and they'll repair the hydrant or replace the hydrant. We actually test for residual pressure and of course, static pressure of each hydrant, to make sure we have enough water pressure on to begin with."

The testing runs through December 8.