Local veteran reacts to NFL protests

Local veteran reacts to NFL protests

HATTIESBURG, MS - Ted Tibbett spends his mornings discussing the day's biggest stories on his radio show, but lately one topic is hitting really close to home.

Tibbett said NFL players kneeling in protest of the National Anthem is disrespectful.

He's a veteran of the Vietnam Era, and while he loves the game, he said he loves this country even more.

"That flag has represented this country since the continental army and the days and George Washington," Tibbett said.

He said the players have a right to protest, but they shouldn't do it during football games.

"It's not the time nor the place for any football player or fan or anyone otherwise to show their problem if they might have if something happen in the country," Tibbett said.

Hattiesburg resident James Smith disagrees.

"That's their pedestal, when you make a statement you want people to see it," Smith said. "You don't' want to do it in the backyard where no one recognizes."

While Tibbett said it's a slap in the face to those who died for this country, Smith believes the country is not living up to the meaning of the flag or the song.

"I love this country as much as anyone loves this country, but everyone in this country is not being treated equally," Smith said.