Waynesboro Police dedicate department building to fallen officer

Waynesboro Police dedicate department building to fallen officer
Waynesboro PD dedicates building to fallen officer. Photo courtesy WDAM.

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - Tuesday, the Waynesboro Police Department dedicated it's building to fallen officer Cpl. James Calvin "Jamie" Walker.

Walker was killed while conducting a traffic stop near downtown Waynesboro on September 28, 2005.

Director of economic development Sean Dunlap and new Police Chief Holt Ross said a few words before the unveiling of a new sign outside of the Police Department.

Members of the Walker family were in attendance for the event, and thanked the department for keeping the memory of officer Walker alive.

"We really appreciate it," Walker's father, James Walker. "We think a lot of the police department. We thank the city for what they've done, but we'd trade it all to have him back."

Police Chief Holt Ross said the police department wanted to show the Walker family that they appreciate the late officer's dedication to the community.

"This is just a little bit of our respect to not only him, but his family to dedicate this building in his honor," Ross said.

Sean Dunlap said it was the right time for the community to gather and honor Walker considering today's climate.

"In this current climate where things are so divisive in this country, it's nice to bring people together," Dunlap said. "By donating this building, the community is saying that Jamie will not be forgotten. He will be in our hearts, and in our minds forever."