Local pastor supports security in churches

Local pastor supports security in churches

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Every Sunday, the pews at Temple Baptist Church are filled with more than 1,400 worshipers.

Executive Pastor Gary Shows said even after that horrific church shooting in Tennessee, the church is still a safe place.

"Obviously, people are going to do things that are ungodly and things that are wrong," Shows said.

However, he said it's always important to be prepared for the unthinkable.

"We do have a security team, people who are well-trained," Shows said. "We have training sessions for them. We also have training for them.  We also have, on-sight on Sunday, two police officers that we hired from the Hattiesburg Police Department."

Shows said it's not about having guns in churches, but about keeping worshipers safe.

"Hopefully we won't ever need that security, but we want to be prepared, we want to receive people and help them find a relationship with Jesus Christ," Shows said.

Pastor Shows said his only hope is that this incident won't deter people from coming to worship.