GOOD NEWS: Pine Belt man nominated for two Josie Music Awards

GOOD NEWS: Pine Belt man nominated for two Josie Music Awards
(Source: WDAM Staff)
(Source: WDAM Staff)
(Source: WDAM Staff)
(Source: WDAM Staff)


A Pine Belt man got suited up to hit the red carpet at the Josie Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. He was nominated for two awards for what he describes as his bar-stool Country music. J.T. Norman’s passion paves his way to his success.  
"We come here every Sunday. I love the atmosphere, as you can tell it’s got a really good Nashville feel to it," J.T. Norman said as he opened the door to a Moselle bar he performs in frequently.  
At S and S bar, under soft lighting, the baritone belted out melodies inspired by past relationships and experiences. One of them is entitled 'Drink You Goodbye.'   
"Here we go!" Norman laughed when asked who inspired the lyrics.  "I was dating a girl in Hattiesburg for a long time, and thing went sour. Instead of social media, I put my effort into making a hit record." 
Those intimate versus paired with the strum of the guitar he refers to as his right hand would send him to the largest independent artist award show in the world. 
"I got an email from them saying congratulations you’ve been nominated for rising star of the year," Norman said. "A couple of days later I got another nomination for modern country category song of the year."
"The ecstasy that I felt when they sent me those emails is unbelievable," Norman said. 
Norman packed up to go from the front of the crowd at a local bar, to the front of the flashing lights at the Josie Music Awards. 
"I have heartache, and so does everybody else. I can play it and show it to them, and they don’t have to take it home," Norman said. 
Songs like “Drink you Goodbye” connect him to anyone else who has sat alone at the bar. 
"If you can connect with at least one person while you’re playing, you’ve done your job," Norman said. 
He graced the red carpet in his maroon suit. He was looking forward to wearing it.  
The nominations bring Norman steps closer to his unstoppable dreams of patching up the pain of people around the world with his words. 
He’s come far, and says he’ll never give up.    

"You’re going to hear 'no' 20 times more than you hear yes," Norman said. "There's nothing else for me. I've dedicated my life to music." 

J.T. didn’t take home those awards, but he said it was an honor to be on the red carpet and acknowledged for his music. If you want to see Norman live in action, he has a performance at S and S Bar October 19th, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.