East Marion Elementary School receives Fitness Gym

East Marion Elementary School receives Fitness Gym

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - East Marion Elementary School received a new fitness area through the Project Fit America Program.

The program is funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield and includes indoor and outdoor PE equipment, training for teachers, curricula and lesson plan support supplies.

The outdoor area has equipment specifically designed to focus on upper and lower body strength, abdominal strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility for children.

Today was the official ribbon cutting ceremony of the play area with speakers including Superintendent of Education Wendy Bracey, fitness instructor Ricki Willis, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MS Foundation representative Eugenia King.

Parents were also invited to the event where the school provided a demonstration by the students of each piece of equipment.

The Project Fit America Program is designed to align with the state-mandated policy of 150 minutes of physical activity each week and help students feel confident in living a healthy and fit lifestyle for a lifetime.

Principal Dr. Portia Hull said that she loves the reaction that it's getting from the children.

"What I really like is that because it's out here with the outside playground area a lot of times when our students come out for recess, they actually work on the equipment as well," Hull said.