Kroger's plan to end hunger

Kroger's plan to end hunger

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Kroger has created a plan called "Zero Hunger, Zero Waste" to combat hunger in the U.S.

According to Feed America, over 600,000 people in Mississippi are below the poverty level and are without food security.

Fieldhouse Homeless shelter says they feed around 60 people at lunch time and possibly more during dinner.

"We come across so many thousands of people because there's so many homeless people out there," said Kitchen Manager Lesey Young.

The Zero Hunger Zero Waste Plan is Kroger's way to help fight hunger by first establishing a $

10 million fund to help achieve goals. Goals such as expanding food donation programs and eliminating food waste.

The plan states that by 2020, they plan to increase food donations to 1 billion meals. By 2025, they hope to go even further by increasing that to 3 billion meals.

For shelters and banks such as Fieldhouse, they say any contribution will help.

"Any kind of donations for food," Young said. "Mostly meat products, canned goods, but whatever they can help out with to the kitchen area, we will mostly appreciate it very much."

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