MDWFP holds public hearing for Lamar County hunters

MDWFP holds public hearing for Lamar County hunters

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Nearly three dozen Lamar County residents and officials gathered for a public hearing held by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks on Tuesday.

The department will be conducting voluntary deer sampling from hunter's during the winter months of deer season later this year. Wildlife officials say that Chronic Wasting Disease is a serious issue and affects white-tailed deer populations in multiple areas of the country, and officials have reason to believe the deer may have been brought here from facilities that did test positive for chronic wasting disease.

Samples may be dropped off around the potentially affected area near Slade Road in Lamar County.

"The sampling is voluntary and all we ask is of the head of the deer," said Russ Walsh, executive wildlife director of MDWFP. "At the drop off location we will have garbage bags and tags, all they need is to bring the heads and follow the instructions provided at the drop off spot, if they have any questions they can call the department."

The deer hunting season runs from the middle of October through the middle of February next year 2018.

"There will be five drop off locations all throughout the deer season," Walsh said. "If they have a deer that they have harvested they can simply drop the deer off at that location. Everything will be there for them to do that."

The following stations will be drop off points:

Purvis Volunteer Fire Dept.-805 Main St., Purvis

Pine Ridge Station #2-624 Purvis-Oloh Rd., Purvis

Oak Grove Station #2-236 Old Okahola School Road, Purvis

Pine Ridge Station #1-1460 Highway 589, Purvis

Southeast Lamar Station #2-2394 Little Black Creek Rd., Lumberton