5-year-old raises over $1K for hurricane relief with kool-aid stand

5-year-old raises over $1K for hurricane relief with kool-aid stand
5-year-old Neil Langford with his koolaid stand. Source: WDAM.

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Five-year-old Neil Langford spent his Friday afternoon outside his parent's business with a small business of his own, a kool-aid stand.

But, he wasn't raising money for his piggy bank.  Instead, Neil was raising money for hurricane relief efforts in Texas and Florida.

"I wanted to give money to people that lost their homes," the kindergartner said.

Neil's parents own the Little Caesers on Evelyn Gandy Parkway and know how hard it can be after a severe storm.

"Having experienced our own little storm with January in the tornado, we know what it's like to have to depend on other people with things," Chelle Langford, Neil's mother, said.

The Langford's business suffered minor damage in the EF_3 tornado, but could have been much worse with the strip mall just feet away ripped apart.

Chelle said Neil originally wanted to set up the stand down the family's driveway, but they decided to move to outside the business for more customers.

"It makes you feel good, you know you always wonder if you are instilling the right types of values and morals in your child," Chelle said.  "When we suggested maybe doing something more with the money than just earning it ourselves, he suggested donating it and it felt good."

After two hours, Neil raised $373 at his stand.  Little Caesers matched the donation and his mother said another donor agreed to match the total as well, which brought Neil's donation to $1,119.

Langford said the money will be divided equally between Samaritans Purse and Eight Days of Hope, specifically earmarked for Hurricane Relief.