Dog runs away, braves the elements to go to the spa

Dog runs away, braves the elements to go to the spa

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - It's a dog eat dog world out there, and when a Hattiesburg family's dog ran away they feared the worst.

Jamie Walker Martin said about a month ago her dog Mandy ran away from their new home downtown near Sacred Heart.

"We were updating our fence and had up a temporary section that she somehow managed to get out of," Martin said. "We looked everywhere, I even climbed into Gordon's Creek to find her, but she didn't know where she was."

Martin said that Mandy had no way of knowing her surroundings at the time, and thought maybe she was trying to go to their old house.

Friday morning, an unexpected voicemail from Affinity Retreat brought the family some good news.

"I had a voicemail from Dale that said it was about Mandy, so I was so worried it was bad news," Martin said. "But he told me it was Mandy, she was at the door and was wearing her collar and everything!"

According to Martin, their family was relieved to hear that Mandy showed up at one of her happy places -- the doggy spa.

Martin said that the road to Affinity Retreat was not an easy trek from Downtown. Mandy had to cross Highway 49, Interstate 59, and brave tropical storm effects like the tornado from Harvey all in an effort to make it to her appointment.

"She is wiped out and hungry, but she is getting her spa day today," Martin. "I really think she knew that Affinity Retreat was a safe place, had she gone anywhere else they wouldn't have known who she was or who to call."

Martin said Mandy is going to have to stay at the spa for a few days so her husband can finish building their new fence, but said everyone is excited to have her home soon.