House District 102 runoff set for Oct. 3rd

House District 102 runoff set for Oct. 3rd
Missy McGee
Missy McGee
Kathryn Rehner
Kathryn Rehner

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The race for House District 102 seat is headed to a runoff, and voters in Forrest in Lamar Counties will head back to the polls on October 3rd.

Candidates Missy McGee and Kathryn Rehner will face off, each looking for their spot at the state capitol.

McGee had approximately 45 percent of the vote with 1,475 votes, and Rehner had 24 percent of the vote with 807 votes.

McGee said after the election Tuesday night, she's looking forward to the extra time.

"Well we woke up this morning hitting the ground running working hard to just go back out to the neighborhoods, and see the folks in district 102," McGee said. "I'm real excited about continuing the dialog about what is best for this district and just looking forward to working hard the next three weeks."

Rehner said she's also excited, and thrilled to be in the runoff.

"We have a lot to be proud of, I feel blessed and overwhelmed by all the people in the community that have come out and support me and they have come out with support and really big ways," Rehner said. "By donating their time in and energy to knock on doors and make phone calls and be a part of this process, so I am grateful, grateful for everybody that came out and voted."

Both candidates are looking for change, and to make the Hub City a better place.

"I decided to run for this because Hattiesburg is my life-long home, I love this city, I'm committed to it and we believe there is a new sense of optimism in Hattiesburg," said McGee. "I wanted to do my part in moving it forward so we can reach the potential that we know we have here."

"This is a movement, we're creating a movement. We're creating a process for change in Mississippi and if real change is going to come, then we have to have people that are committed to that process, and we do, we just need to rally more folks and do it in a bigger way over the next three weeks."

Rehner and McGee said they know the next three weeks will be busy, but they're ready for the challenge.

"My goal is to continue to do what we've done, which is to put people first, in District 102," said Rehner. "People are what matters, as a public servant it is my job to represent the community that I serve, and I can only do that if I know and am exposed to and live lives with people."

"What I've been telling people, those who have come out to support me, I've asked them, get me five more votes. Find me five friends that you have that are in your circles that you know would support and believe in what we're doing and that makes a huge difference," said Rehner

"We're not taking anything for granted, like I said, we're going to hit the ground running and go out and meet the folks and work hard and earn the support of the people of District 102 that I look forward to representing at the state capitol," said McGee.