Former AG Ashcroft speaks at WCU scholarship dinner

Former AG Ashcroft speaks at WCU scholarship dinner

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Former U.S. attorney general John Ashcroft spoke before a crowd of  donors and several honored guests, mostly first responders, at the school's 7th scholarship dinner.

Ashcroft served as the 79th AG under the George W. Bush administration and later formed The Ashcroft Group.

"There's a special character of education in William Carey University," Ashcroft said. "It's a place where there isn't any part of the truth that is off-limits. So many of the public institutions have to ignore the spiritual side of individuals and the kind of need for a strong moral tone and virtue in our culture. I think as we look at the world we know the education of morals and virtue is needed now more than ever."

An endowed scholarship has been established in Ashcroft's name at the University.

"It's a special kind of institution that will equip the whole person to do what's needed in our culture," Ashcroft said. "I think that our society would be in bad shape if we didn't have institutions like William Carey University."

"Over the past seven years, over $3 million has been given to the university, much of which has gone to support current scholarships and endowments for permanent scholarship," said WCU President Tommy King.