Investigators reveal new information in Forrest County kidnapping investigation

FORREST COUNTY (WDAM) - More information is being released into the kidnapping investigation of Angelica Dulas and the death of her husband Christopher Dulas. The couple was reported missing from their residence in the Dixie community last Thursday.

"We received a call from a neighbor in regard to a mother and father who called him to watch the children,"  said Forrest county investigator Nick Calico. "They had not returned, and he was unable to reach them."

That's when the investigation began. Friday, the Sheriff's Department determined that Angelica Dulas had been kidnapped by her husband.

"We were pulling security footage from different areas," Calico said. "Some of the patterns of the husband didn't coincide with a missing person."

The investigation led them to a letter inside of the home.

"Through the investigation, a letter was recovered from the husband, basically admitting that he had taken his wife," Calico said.

Sunday afternoon, the Forrest County Sheriff's Dept. received a tip from crime stoppers regarding a missing camper. According to investigators, the camper with the suspect and the victim inside, was spotted at a campground in Grenada.

"At that point, the Forrest County Sheriff's office dispatch contacted the Grenada County Sheriff's Office and asked them to follow up on that tip," said Calico.

"They did make contact with the suspect and the missing person," Calico said. "She was able to go to safety, then a short chase ensued. The vehicle was disabled, and the standoff began."

The suspect, Christopher Dulas, later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The victim, Angelica Dulas, was checked out at a hospital and released.

The investigation into the kidnapping is still ongoing. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations is handling the investigation into the standoff.