Forrest County Board approves budget

Forrest County Board approves budget

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Forrest County Board of Supervisors met today and approved their budget for fiscal year 2018.

The nearly $55.5 million budget is about $1.8 million less than last year's budget.

Board President David Hogan said that depending on where you live in the county, you may see a slight decrease in taxes but taxes will mostly remain the same because of approximately $22 million in new growth and increased property value.

"The multi-purpose center is paid off," Hogan said. "That's a positive and those revenues will help us with some of these additional expenses and offset the $5.4 million we had to pay last year in that lawsuit settlement. So we are happy about that, it's a good day."

The county did see an increase in the cost of health insurance premiums for it's over 400 employees. The county will pay for some of that increase, but Hogan said the board will implement an employee contribution of $10 per paycheck to help cover those costs.