Waynesboro’s new Police Chief eager to get to work

Waynesboro’s new Police Chief eager to get to work
New police chief Holt Ross. Photo credit WDAM

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - Former Mississippi Highway Patrol trooper Holt Ross is the new police chief in the City of Waynesboro. Ross said it's a change, but he's excited to be back home.

"It's been a change for me coming from the Mississippi Highway Patrol to the Waynesboro police department, but it's something that I wanted to do," Ross said.

Originally from Wayne county, Ross is excited to work with Sheriff Jody Ashley.

"We're in the same business," Ross said. "I look forward to working with the sheriff's department. It's very important to keep a good working relationship with each other because we serve all of the people here."

Sheriff Jody Ashley agreed with Holt and said the new chief's training and leadership will benefit the department and the city.

"This is a team effort that you see here in Wayne county," Ashley said. "Holt is well trained, and we will be working together as one."

Ross is coming into office with goals for the department that are personal to him and involve the people of Waynesboro.

"My goals for the Waynesboro police department are to make our office more professional, more responsible, and to win the trust of the people that we serve," said Ross.