USM students react to flu outbreak on Hattiesburg campus

USM students react to flu outbreak on Hattiesburg campus

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Some University of Southern Mississippi students are reacting to a flu outbreak on campus.

Director of USM's Moffitt Health Center Dr. Melissa Roberts said as of Thursday, nearly 90 students had tested positive for the flu.

She said cases began appearing at the center two weeks ago.

About 200 students have been vaccinated so far at the center.

We spoke to one student Saturday at tailgating activities who had the flu and another who is about to get the flu shot.

"I just got over it," said Bailin Caldwell, a sophomore. "We actually had Greek LIfe emailing us almost every day telling us be careful, wash your hands. It was terrible, they did the swab and I'm just glad it's over."

"The school did a good job, they now have the flu vaccines in, so on Monday, I'm actually going to go and get my flu vaccine for the year," said Gracie Toler, a junior. "They did a good job at like trying to bring (the outbreak) to a stop."

The Moffitt Health Center currently has about 1,000 doses of flu vaccine available.