Red Cross facing criticism over donation distribution

Red Cross facing criticism over donation distribution

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Red Cross is always on hand to provide aid in the event of a disaster, but the organization is facing controversy after one of its executives couldn't explain how much disaster relief goes to Texas.

We reached out to the local chapter to see where your money is going when you give.

In an email response, Communications Director Tamica Jeuitt said the money is spent on a lot of things like food, shelter and relief supplies.

"We work to keep our management, general and fundraising expenses low, so that on average 91 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends goes to our programs and services," Jeuitt wrote.

Jeuitt also responded to critics who say the organizations mismanages donations.

"Disasters, by their nature, are chaotic. No response agency ever gets it right all the time. Most people will recognize that sheltering, feeding, and tending to the mental health and health needs of tens of thousands of people in shelters is no easy task—especially when faced with challenging conditions and lack of access to some areas due to flooding and closed roads. That's reality—not failure—in a disaster zone. We work to find problems and fix them as soon as possible to help those impacted," Jeuitt wrote.