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What if Harvey happened here? A look at the flooding potential


Good afternoon, everyone. I took some times this morning to post on my blog about a cool little software program that the Washington Post created to estimate what a Harvery-type event would look like in various places around the country. 

You can find the post here.

For the most part the entire Pine Belt would be under two to six feet of water. Area wide. The link above has images of a handful of places across the area and how deep the water would be.

This doesn't take into account the enhanced river flooding from rain that falls north of us and moves into our area, which would likely make flooding even worse.

Here at the station, we would be under - at least - four feet of water. And, since it is a one-story building, we would likely be off the air. Our cars would be submerged. And our on refuge would be on the roof. Surrounded by gators (a few have been spotted in ponds nearby).

It is a brief - but sobering - reminder that flood insurance may be a good idea for some of us. While we don't anticipate have to deal with a Harvey any time soon - or maybe even in our life time - but numbers like this really open your eyes to just how incredible the damage may be.  

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