Conner showing promise at quarterback for Hattiesburg

Conner showing promise at quarterback for Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Jarod Conner is a rising talent at quarterback for Hattiesburg High. But before we get into that, let's see what's up with his nickname. They call him "Snoopy".

"Snoopy the dog show," Conner said. "My mom said I looked like Snoopy the dog."

You can be sure Conner's teammates are hoping to call him star quarterback one day. He's off to a good start. Conner helped guide the Tigers to a season opening win at Petal followed by a win last week at Laurel.

"I did alright," Conner said. "I can do better though. Work on a couple things at practice and get better."

Tigers coach Tony Vance makes it clear that Conner must play like an experienced quarterback.

"He has to be a guy that takes care of the football, doesn't lay it on the ground and doesn't throw it to the other team," Vance said. "When his number is called he's got to produce. I thought he did a really good job last week being the first game as the starting quarterback here."

Conner saw limited action as a running back a year ago. He was also tasked with replacing a dynamic talent in Julian Conner. This goes to show how much confidence the Tigers coaching staff has in Conner.

"I think his work ethic," Vance said. "Just a blue collar guy that comes to work every day. Works extremely hard. He's a guy that played running back last year so we knew what he could do running the ball. He's also a guy that started at linebacker several games for us last year so we knew he was tough and physical.

"Just combining those two and knowing that hey, this is the type of kid we're going to have at quarterback gave us the confidence that he can get the job done."

Conner has plenty of options when looking around with the likes of Fabian Franklin, Drexlan Allen and D'Andre Humbles. The Tigers offense is looking legit again this season.

"I'm not going to say where we left off last year, but we've got to continue in scoring," Vance said. "We don't give ourselves a chance if we don't score points. So we've got to give ourselves a chance and score points. That's been the biggest thing for us on offense."