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Coordinator Corner: Grantham, Dawson, & McGriff talk Week 1

You heard from the Big 3 coaches on Monday and the players on Tuesday. Now lets hear from the coordinators. Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Southern Miss all open the 2017 season at home.

Todd Grantham, Wesley McGriff, and Shannon Dawson met the media on Week 1

Todd Grantham (Mississippi State Defensive Coordinator - on gameplanning vs. Charleston Southern)

"They're going to present a challenge from a standpoint of making sure that you're sound in your option responsibilities. And they're going to cut you on the perimeter, so you gotta be able to play with your hands and get off those blocks. Any time you face a team that is heavy in the run game, they're going to have play action passes off of it."

Wesley McGriff (Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator - on playing freshmen early)

"We're looking to play some young guys. We're not going to look at their classification. I told several of them if you're interested in a red shirt, go buy one and put it in your closet. Because you're going to have to play. They may make some freshman mistakes, but hopefully our effort and our attitude will make up for it."

Shannon Dawson (Southern Miss Offensive Coordinator - on QB situation vs. Kentucky)

"We're going to see how the game goes. I'm not going to sit here and make any statements about we're playing 2 or we're playing 3 quarterbacks or what not. We're going to try to what it takes to win the game and move the football. I would say they're more similar than they are different."

Week 1 Schedule - Big 3

Saturday 3:00pm: Mississippi State vs. Charleston Southern (TV: SEC Network)

Saturday 3:00pm: Southern Miss vs. Kentucky (TV: CBS Sports Network)

Saturday 6:30pm: Ole Miss vs. South Alabama (TV: ESPNU)

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