Local Red Cross sends aid to flood victims

Local Red Cross sends aid to flood victims

HATTIESBURG, MS - The local Red Cross is sending aid to the people affected by the deadly flooding in Texas and parts of Louisiana.

If anyone knows the challenges facing the victims, it's Red Cross volunteer Carole Summerall.

12 years ago, she celebrated her birthday helping storm victims in New Orleans.

"I was actually deployed during Katrina," Summerall said. "Took me about three weeks to get my birthday presents."

Summerall will once again celebrate her birthday helping people devastated by flooding.

"I don't mind, I would rather be helping people that really need help," Summerall said. "I was actually deployed to the last Houston flooding and it's kind of worse than it was."

The Red Cross is sending two large trucks to transport meals, cots and cleaning supplies to affected areas.

"We may do mobile feeding, we may be doing fix-site feeding," Summerall said. "We may be feeding two to 400 meals per cycle, which is lunch and summer."

Summerall is asking the public to help in any way possible.

"We can always use volunteers, and we can always use donations," Summerall said. "As long as I can volunteer and I'm able to, I think I will, you know there's always people that need help."