Collins schools win $25K grant from Best Buy to kick off music program

Collins schools win $25K grant from Best Buy to kick off music program
(Source: WDAM Staff)
(Source: WDAM Staff)
(Source: WDAM Staff)
(Source: WDAM Staff)

COLLINS, MS (WDAM) - Music is known to strike a chord in child development,  advancing them in all kinds of skills from social to emotional to just being ready for school. 
A music teacher in Collins who recognizes the importance of music for students, sent out a tweet that's about to start their music program off on a high note.

"The tweet asked what would your school do with HP tech," said Ashley, Collins music teacher.  "I said we would use it to go to our K-12 music program."

With that simple tweet, Collins music teacher, Ashley Henry, was able to win $25,000 to dedicate to the music program.

"It kind of gives the students a head start in music and production," Henry said.

Best Buy asked teachers what they'd do for their schools if they had to finances to do what they wanted with it.

"I know how hard it  is in the school systems to come across money, and the fact that Ms.Henry tweeted this out and got to win, it's fantastic for us," said Laura McGlocklin, General Manager at Best Buy.

"We are experiencing budget cuts, and this is just going to allow so many opportunities that we would otherwise not be able to afford," said Arnetta Crosby, Covington County Superintendent.

Music tends to take a backseat when it comes to school funding, but the check Best Buy gave the schools will play a part in bringing in a full HP learning studio, including keyboards, headphones, music software, professional development support and more.

"I'm thrilled that we were able to get a chance to have it here," Henry said.

"We cannot thank Best Buy enough for the opportunity, and we're just so so excited," Crosby said.

"Best Buy is always giving back to the community, but it's just great for me to be able to give locally. Twenty-five thousand is a lot of money, and it's truly exciting," McGlocklin said.

Best Buy said they are committed to helping youth become the future teachers.

"We're just so excited with the opportunity to use this money to integrate technology into our music program now," said Missy Rogers, Collins Principal.

The win is like music to their ears.