Survivors of Laurel apartment fire grateful for their lives

Survivors of Laurel apartment fire grateful for their lives

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The State Fire Marshal was in Laurel Wednesday assessing damage and trying to determine the cause of a fire that left 17 people homeless Tuesday afternoon.

Jacqualine Grantham has lived at the apartment complex for nearly two years. She said everything she's worked hard for is now gone.

"I lost everything, I lost my clothes, I lost my kids stuff, I lost my furniture." Grantham explained.

The only thing Grantham could salvage from the fire was a family portrait she found beneath the ashes.

She was helping her kids with their homework when she heard the fire broke out.

In that moment, all she could think was grab and her kids and run.

"I didn't have time to grab anything, I mean we've lost it all, but it can call be replaced," Grantham said.

Soon-to-be mother,  Abriana Smith lives a few doors down with her boyfriend Allen Mack.

Smith said she was sound asleep when the fire began.

"I'm pregnant on top of that, so that would've been me and my baby lost," Smith explained.

"It was crazy man, you had a million people out here. You got people crying. It was just a disaster when I got off work," Mack added.

The fire is a disaster they all said could've ended much worse.

Both families are grateful that only the material things were taken away.