Petal students enjoy the eclipse

Petal students enjoy the eclipse

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Petal Upper Elementary students filed out one by one to get a glimpse of the eclipse on Monday.

Students were prepared with safety lessons in advance, as well as the proper eclipse safety glasses.

"I don't think it could have gone any better today, this was an amazing learning experience for our students," said Petal Upper Elementary School Principal Emily Branch. "Solar eclipses' and lunar eclipses are a part of the 5th grade and 6th grade frameworks that we teach our students, so for them to actually be able to witness that in action, it's just irreplaceable."

Students waited on whistle commands to look up, and the first time they did, their awes and gasps filled the playground.

"It was like really big….it was pretty orange, and big and black," said one student.

Another weighed in, "I thought it was really cool because the solar eclipse looks like a big banana…a big clumpy banana."

"The eclipse was was big, it was orange and it was shaped like a banana and then the moon would go over the sun and it would be dark a little bit."

"It was cool, because it looked like a banana."

The general consensus, it looked like a banana and was hot outside.

"It was really priceless," said Branch. "It was an amazing experience, just to hear them the first time that they saw it…..all gasp…and just their excitement when they saw it for the first time was very rewarding for all us."

Students returned to the classroom to learn about the experience as well as map out how they will view the next one that comes around.