Early data shows Harvey's effects on South Mississippi as possible flooding

PINE BELT (WDAM) - While the remnants of Harvey continue to swirl across the Yucatan, the forecast for where Harvey goes is coming into better focus. Despite the hoopla on social media, the main concern for South Mississippi is still flooding. And the timeline is still moving that rain through here next week.

We talked about this late last week on the news on the 14 Day Trend. The pattern flip means a return to rainy days. What we couldn't see is just how rainy. And who gets the most rain.

Now that is coming into better focus. For more details on the specifics that we know right now, check out my blog post here.

The good news is that a landfalling tropical system is not in the forecast for South Mississippi. And I can't stress the first one enough. As of right now, with the information available there is no reason to believe that there will be a landfalling tropical system in Mississippi. I read a quick blurb kicked out by someone saying that Harvey was going to move into the Gulf and head toward Mississippi.

Model guidance disagrees. The area may see a fair amount of rain from the system. In a similar fashion to Cindy.

While there is room for debate within the mathematics as to where it is going. Saying with any definitive stance that Harvey IS going SOMEWHERE other than the current model guidance is suggesting is irresponsible. And inaccurate.

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