VIDEO: Laurel golfer's trick shots impress on social media

VIDEO: Laurel golfer's trick shots impress on social media

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - A Laurel golfer is getting widespread social media attention for his golf trick shots.

Alec Barlow said that he had no idea his videos would gain traction, but he hoped people would see them.

"I grew up in sports and have always been athletic," Barlow said. "I have been doing these tricks ever since I was little."

Barlow said he didn't think anything of his tricks until a friend suggested he film some of his moves. He posted a video of his signature move, a back flip trick, and the rest was history.

"It's been shared by Sportscenter, ESPN, The Score, Bleacher report," Barlow said. "Just this morning Golf Digest shared it."

Barlow said that he practices every day after work, and is constantly working on new tricks.

"I am working on a move now where I hit a deck of cards out of someone's hand with my club," Barlow said. "The one that they chose from the deck will be the only one remaining in their hand."

Although his videos are impressive, Barlow said he adds something special on the end so that his videos mean more than just making someone's day.

"I include a bible verse at the bottom to help spread the word," Barlow said. "I want to use this as a platform so I can spread the gospel.

The Bible verse he posted with his viral trick was 1 Corinthians 16:13.

Barlow said his new found fame won't be taken for granted, that he had his hometown in mind.

"You can say that when i did this trick, I had Jones County in mind."

To see more of his trick shots, follow Barlow on Instagram @hamblow or on Facebook here.