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Jones Co. Sheriff: Victims of fraudulent auto sales must provide documentation

Southeastern Auto Sales, LLC Southeastern Auto Sales, LLC
Perry Taylor Perry Taylor
Casey Pitts Casey Pitts

The Jones County Sheriff's Department discussed the ongoing investigation into fraudulent activity at Southeastern Auto Sales, LLC in Laurel through a Thursday morning Facebook Live session. 

Sheriff Alex Hodge and Allyson Knotts hosted the video in order to reach potential victims and clear up a few things in the complex case. 

"Southeastern Auto Sales, LLC were titling the vehicles, some of which you may be driving today, in their name," Hodge said. "So the vehicle is not in your name and there is no way for us to track you down."

Hodge provided instructions for potential victims to help get help.

"To make a long story short, if you have purchased a vehicle from SE auto sales, LLC in Laurel Mississippi, primarily from Perry Taylor as owner, what you need to do if you do not have a clear title, and a clear title is going to be a blue title that's going to have your vehicle description on it, it's going to have your name on it, and it's going to show no lien on it. If you cannot produce that today, you need to come down to the Sheriff's Department training center," Hodge said.

Both Hodge and Knotts emphasized that this is for the benefit of the consumer and your vehicle will not be taken away.  

"If you come here today, all we're trying to do is gather information to facilitate you getting that vehicle in your name and get the proper paperwork between you and the respectful lending institutions," Hodge said. "We want to fix this problem for you." 

If you believe that you may be a victim, the best thing to do is bring any documentation you have to the Sheriff's Dept. The Training Center at 130 North 12th Avenue in Laurel will be meeting with potential victims on Thursday until 5:00 p.m.

"We've dealt with cases in similarity to this, but nothing to this magnitude of course," Hodge said. "So we have no idea how large this is. We know based on our investigation led by Lt. Robert Little and working with other entities, agencies from state to federal are looking into this as well. The financial institutions have been extremely helpful."

Sheriff Hodge added that the two suspects arrested in this case, Perry Taylor and Casey Pitts, are cooperating at this time and it is possible that more arrests could be made. Taylor and Pitts have been charged with Felony False Pretense regarding the fraudulent activity. 

"Please be patient with us returning phone calls," Little said. "We're completely overwhelmed with the number of people involved."

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