Petal to increase budget for next fiscal year

Petal to increase budget for next fiscal year
Petal increasing budget for next year. Photo credit WDAM

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - For the 12th straight year, the city of Petal will not see an increase in property taxes.

This is thanks to the growth in the city.

The growth will allow the city to increase their budget without increasing the taxes.

"For the most part, we've worked out our budget for the year, and it's going to be about $8.2 Million in our general fund. It's going to allow us to purchase some equipment and some vehicles that different departments need," said Mayor Hal Marx.

Mayor Marx said Petal Police will acquire 12 Dodge Chargers for the department. In the past, the city has only been able to purchase eight.

"It helps morale with the police officers. They want cars that they feel are reliable," said Marx.

The city will also add two new jobs in the Public Works Department. The people hired for those jobs will be solely responsible for mowing in the city of Petal.

"It's going to be their full-time job. Hopefully, it will make things look better, and people will see that we have pride in our town when they come into our city limits. When we have growth in our budget, it allows us to do these types of things," said Marx.

According to Mayor Marx, all city employees will also receive a three percent raise.

The final budget is expected to be approved by mid-September.