Pine Belt man advocates for live-saving drug

Pine Belt man advocates for live-saving drug
The Lamar County Sheriff’s Department purchased a shipment of the overdose reversal drug, Narcan./photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - After losing a loved one to heroin overdose, a Pine Belt man is doing everything he can to make sure first responders are equipped to to save others from overdose.

"Our son was like any other person's son," said Narcan advocate James Moore. "He was a loving caring individual who had a brain disorder."

The disorder Moore is referring to is the disease of addiction. In April of 2015, James Moore's son Jeffrey died from a heroin overdose, but Moore believes his son's life could've been saved had first responders had the drug Narcan.

"At that time there were no first responders like fire, sheriff and police in Mississippi carrying, although a thousand other agencies around the country were routinely carrying it and saving lives," Moore said.

So, Moore began working with law enforcement agencies encouraging them to get what he calls a "miracle drug." Many in the Pine Belt already have it.

"Hattiesburg Police and Fire and Lamar county Sheriff's Department were the first agencies along with the Seminary Police Department to pick up Narcan," Moore said.

Now you can add state troopers and narcotics agents to that list. Moore said he is speaking with other departments as well and won't stop until all first responders carry the drug, because it's safe and effective.

"It cannot be misused," Moore said. "If  you think someone is having an opioid-based overdose and you administer this to them and they're not having an overdose, it causes no harm, it has no effect."

He said the only effect this drug has is another chance at life, and even thought it wasn't available to save his son, it can be now for many so many others.

"I'll do whatever I can to ensure that other sons and daughters, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters have that second chance or third chance if needed," Moore said.