42 dilapidated properties an issue in Hub City

42 dilapidated properties an issue in Hub City

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - There are dozens of properties in Hattiesburg that city officials are taking a closer look at in an effort to clean up parts of the Hub City.

On August 21, at 4 p.m. in the city council chambers, 42 properties will be addressed in a public hearing.

"I think first of all these properties are just eyesores for the neighbors that live in those areas and keep up their own properties, and also can be a safety hazard," said Hattiesburg City Councilman, Ward 1, Jeffery George.

Of the 42 homes, 28 of them are listed as demolition projects due to the state of the structure.

"These houses need to be torn down, they really do, cause it's a danger if the children go over there, no telling what comes out from over there, snakes, rabbits, opossums, coon, whatever comes out from over there," said Hub City resident, Emma Dawkins.

"If we can get individual homes looking nice, then the neighborhood starts looking nice, and we become a much more livable city," said Hattiesburg City Councilman, War 3, Carter Carroll. "It really is a safety concern, the buildings are falling in and are in bad shape, and they need to go."

"It needs to be clean….it really does," Dawkins said.

"Right now, the administration and the city council would like to really make Hattiesburg beautiful, get our neighborhoods looking right," said Carroll.

"We want to work to find a solution where we can make a space that's not an eyesore for the rest of the neighborhood and something that they neighborhood can be proud of," George said.

When it comes to cost of the projects, the city will handle the cost.

"The city will take care of that on its own, if we can, and then we will just assess the cost of that to the tax rolls," said Carroll.

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*Editors note: Four properties were unable to be mapped.