Coach carries student with new shoes to bus in the rain

Coach carries student with new shoes to bus in the rain

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A social media post praising the efforts of an Oak Grove Lower Elementary PE coach is buzzing on social media.

The post, made by teacher Madeline Varnado, highlights the struggles and rewards of being a teacher.

Varnado penned an open letter to parents regarding her colleague's actions as a plea to respect teachers.

"They buy supplies for students who show up without any. They buy jackets and socks for students so they can be warm on cold days. They act as mom, dad, caregiver, nurse, counselor, teacher, and many more. They spend countless hours working on activities and lesson plans so that their students will want to come to school and learn to the best of their ability," said Varnado in her post.

"When you hear of someone talking poorly of a teacher, don't engage in that conversation. Instead stick up for them, because most of the time it's just miscommunication," the post continued.

Renee McInarnay was the inspiration behind the post after a photo showed her carrying a student to the bus in the rain.

"This is my friend, Renee, a kind-hearted, humorous, intelligent, loving, dedicated PE coach at our school," said Varnado in her post. "She, without hesitation, picked up this 2nd grader so that her new shoes wouldn't get wet. She wasn't asked to do it. She just did it because she was meeting the need of a child."

Varnado's post does not stop there. She outlines how much more McInarnay does for her students, which includes a lengthy itinerary.

"She directs traffic every morning and every afternoon whether it's raining, freezing, or blazing hot. She spends hours planning the most fun activities and games for her students. She NEVER complains. She's gold! This is the type of publicity that teachers deserve."

Varnado ends her post with a plea to celebrate all teachers.

"This is our everyday that goes unnoticed. I'm going to strive harder this year to put people in the spotlight when they deserve it. I'm proud to know this sweet friend (that I also call one of my school mamas) because she makes me strive to be a better teacher every day," Varnado said.

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