Petal child bit by snake starting 1st grade

Petal child bit by snake starting 1st grade

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - A six-year-old Petal boy who was bitten in the face by a snake is back at school.

Braxton Denmon spent days on life support after a water moccasin bit his face. At his hospital in Jackson, he was given eight vials anti-venom injection.

"At the hospital, he wasn't, he was just laying in bed and wasn't Braxton," said his mother, Charmen Denmon. "Now he's back to Braxton. He's a wild one."

Last Thursday, Braxton returned home after receiving intensive care in Jackson for snake bite. On his first day home he refused to step outside.

"Each day's a little different," said his grandmother, Charman Parker. "He's getting a little more into going outside."

Just a few days after his homecoming, Braxton is back to playing at a local park and is starting his first grade school year.

"He is happy," said Denmon. "I can't thank anything other than all the prayers for him. I'm really blessed."

Braxton still experiences some shallow breathing. Yesterday, he had to do three breathing treatments at home. However,  he is recovering at high speed. His grandmother said even his doctors were impressed.

"I believe with all my heart that we have an awesome God," said Parker. "It was the power of all the prayers."

Braxton told his grandmother he wants to become a nurse, just like his friend Zach that took care of him in the hospital.

"He told me that's what he wants to do," said Parker. "He wants to help people."