Petal roads reviewed by engineer

Petal roads reviewed by engineer
Petal roads reviewed by engineer. Photo credit WDAM.

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - An engineer contracted by the city of Petal released a report reviewing the roads inside of the city. Mayor Hal Marx spoke to WDAM about the results, and what has to be done to improve the road conditions.

"The majority of streets are in fair to excellent shape," Marx said. "We do have about three percent of our streets that are listed as failing, and we have another four percent that are in very poor position."

Mayor Marx hopes to use this data as a guide when the city repairs certain roads.

"This is more a scientific approach to knowing which streets we have to focus on the next time we get ready for another round of street paving," Marx said.

"Hopefully people will understand that we are following an actual plan put forth by the people who know how to keep our roads up," Marx said. "It's not just a guessing game from us, and we're not favoring one neighborhood over another."

The Evelyn Gandy Parkway was not included in the review, but Marx said the continued development of the Gandy will eventually help pay for repairs.

"That money is able to go into improving our infrastructure," Marx said. "That's why growth is important. If you don't grow, then your tax base begins to dwindle. You have the same needs, just less money to work with."

Mayor Marx understands that it won't be a quick process, but he is satisfied with the progress thus far.

"When you have streets that are 40 or 50 years since they've been paved, you're never going to be able to do all what you'd like to do," Marx said. "I feel like over the past four or five years we've been able to do pretty well with what we've had to work with."