Classes begin at newly consolidated Jeff Davis Co. School

Classes begin at newly consolidated Jeff Davis Co. School

JEFFERSON DAVIS COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Classes began Friday at the newly consolidated Jefferson Davis County School.

Nearly 450 students came from Bassfield and Prentiss High Schools.

Ronald Baker attended Prentiss High School. He was a little skeptical about the move, but he said the first day wasn't so bad.

"It's kind of nerve wracking at first, you're like what kind of teachers am I going to have, what am I going to be doing," Baker said. "Once you get on campus, the nerves ease, because I'm here now, and I'm just looking forward to great things this year."

Principal Will Wheat said they want everyone to come together as one, so no more Yellowjackets or Bulldogs, everyone is a Jaguar.

"When the kids got off the bus this morning, we were going to have school, and we were all going to be jaguars today, and we all going to be blue and silver" Wheat said.

Assistant Principal Karrie Walker said the ultimate goal is educating the nearly 500 students on campus.

"We have all the same goal, we want to move this school to the best school in the state of Mississippi," Walker said.

History Teacher Ryan Higdon said aside from some new faces, nothing really changes in his classroom.

"You just stick to what's been working for you," Higdon said. "You may add a few things or two, but your core system that you've got in place, that's what you stick with."