Hattiesburg taxi business owner goes the extra mile to return wallet months later

Hattiesburg taxi business owner goes the extra mile to return wallet months later
(Source: WDAM Staff)
(Source: WDAM Staff)

A Hattiesburg taxi service owner called WDAM to help find a woman who had left something valuable in one of his cars. He showed up here at the station to drop off the woman’s belongings.

HATTIESBURG, MS - People in the Pine Belt are always welcomed to call Tony Taylor's cab service when they need a lift. Tony keeps his cabs clean, too.

"Every day at the end of the business when I shut down, I look and see if anyone has left anything in the car," Taylor said.

Between two and three months ago, someone did.

"I found this wallet under the seat in my backseat," Taylor said.

In that wallet, there was a nice amount of cash and credit cards. Taylor held on to the items for a while.

"I waited and waited and waited. Nobody was calling," Taylor said.

Taylor called WDAM. We called officers to find the woman missing a wallet.

"Whenever I received a phone call, I was excited and couldn't believe it. I was just kind of stunned at the same time," said Barbara Foster when she showed up to pick up her wallet.  

"The police officers were able to trace where the lady is staying," Taylor said.

Taylor brought the wallet to WDAM's station where the owner could pick it up. She was happy to have found the wallet, but sure her money would be gone.

"Getting the cash back with it means a whole lot. I can't believe it was still in there," Foster said.

"There's no need of keeping someone's property, it's not yours. If you steal, the man at the top will look at you," Taylor said.

Because there are still good Samaritans, the contents of the wallet were all in tact. Sometimes it's the simple things that make a difference.

"I am very grateful to have my wallet back and that there are still good people out there like Tony that returned it to me," Foster said.

"The right thing must be done at the right times," Taylor said.