Boy bitten by snake improving

Boy bitten by snake improving

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - A little boy from Petal who was bitten by a snake in the face is improving, according to social media updates from his family.

Braxton Denmon was bitten in the face by a water moccasin on July 26th, around 3 p.m. while swimming in a creek by his home.

"He was air lifted to the Children's hospital in Jackson, MS where he received 8 vials of anti venom injection and was placed into a medical induced coma," said Samantha Waldrop via a Face Book post regarding his condition.

A post on Prayers for Braxton showed that he went through surgery at UMMC in Jackson on Tuesday.

Braxton's aunt took to the Facebook page to post photos that show he was doing well and recovering from the operation.

A playful video also shows Braxton shooting his nurse with a water gun a few hours after surgery.

There is no word at this time regarding when he will be released from the hospital.

To keep up with the latest updates on Braxton follow his Facebook page here.