Heart transplant survivor says blood donations saved his life

Heart transplant survivor says blood donations saved his life

PINE BELT (WDAM) - Jeff Armstrong is a son, brother, husband and a heart transplant survivor.

In 2003, Armstrong had a heart attack and his heart health began declining. In September of 2016, he was put on a heart transplant list.

"Anxious is one word to use, scared was another," said Armstrong.

On February 20th, University of Mississippi Medical Center called to say they had a heart for him. That night he went under the knife for 8 hours.

"I had a lot of blood loss during that operation," said Armstrong. "It's truly is a life giving thing that people can do for other people."

Just a month before his operation, his sister-in-law held a blood drive benefit for community members to donate in Armstrong's name.

"The turnout was overwhelming," said Armstrong. "It really, it was humbling."

Armstrong counts his lucky stars that the community came out to give blood, and he hopes you'll do the same.

"Go give blood because it's a life changing event," said Armstrong. "If you or your family never needs it, somebody out there is going to need that blood."

Five months after the surgery, Armstrong goes to cardiac rehab weekly and is working on small goals like starting a vegetable garden.