Midtown developer excited with progress in Hub City

Midtown developer excited with progress in Hub City

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Midtown development in Hattiesburg is well underway, and one of the developers is excited with the progress so far.

Rob Tatum is helping spearhead many large-scale development projects in the Hub City.

"As you can see there's a lot of work going on, it finally quit raining for a few days and we can make a lot of progress when it's not raining," said Tatum.

Tatum explained that developments under construction on South 31st Avenue are projected to be open in December.

"This side of the project will have some restaurant and retail, it should be being turned over to the tenants then," Tatum said.

The construction on the East side of 31st will have a longer timeline for completion.

"We have two different components, we have the hotel component ,and the retail/apartment component," said Tatum. "The retail and apartment component should be open in the first quarter of 2018, and the hotel should be opening up at the end of April or the first  of May."

The hotel will run parallel with 30th Ave. where there will be an outdoor patio seating area. The Indigo Hotel will be a five story structure with 100 rooms.

Tatum hopes that with the development of the 14-unit apartment complex,  those who work in Midtown will have better access to their jobs.

"You have your two largest employers in the city, Forrest General and USM sitting right here so we definitely have the capacity," said Tatum. "This kicks off the redevelopment of all of Midtown. "

Building construction was not the only progress with the project. Roads and infrastructure will also improve, according to Tatum.

"Part of the Midtown code was to upgrade a lot of infrastructure and the road systems," said Tatum. "While progress is always painful, some road closures and a lot of work, the end result will be a much nicer part of the town in this area."

Drainage on Hardy Street is also projected to improve with the construction.

Tatum said he is proud that the development will bring an economic boost to the area.

"It is great to be in a city that is very pro-economic development," Tatum said. "We should be bringing a lot of jobs and putting a lot of people to work right now."

Tatum said that ultimately there is still 25 years worth of progress to go.

"We love it, we're very excited about this project."

Once these phases are complete, Tatum said there would be room for two more 10,000 square-foot buildings on the southwest corner of the job site.