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Dressing the part at PRCC

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They're more than just used clothes. Each piece, has a renewed purpose.

 "To really see all the pieces kind of coming together is really an exciting project to be working with." said  Recruiting and Marketing Director Delana Harris.

Inside the recruitment department at Pearl River Community College in Poplarville, an office is undergoing an alteration, laced with a little academic soul for students.

 "We're just trying to figure out how we can prepare them for the next big step," said campus bookstore director, Candace Harper.

Starting this fall, students will be able to step out in style, making sure they're dressed for success. Harper says while academics are always  a focus, in her three years at the bookstore, she's noticed a need.

 "Each semester we have students who come in and they say, 'We need professional attire for a job interview. We need special attire for our sales presentation or our speech,'" said Harper.

Working with other departments on campus, details were ironed out and the Wildcat Career Closet was stitched together. 
"This way, we have a wide variety of modern professional attire they can pick out and choose an outfit from that they get to keep," said Harper.

All students need to do is set up an appointment, and it's completely free, right down to the accessories.    

"A lot of college students are working two jobs just to pay for tuition, so they don't necessarily have the money to go spend $150 or $200 on a new suit to wear for a job interview," said marketing instructor Katie Ball.

From shoes, belts and ties to suits, dresses and  jewelry, all of it is thanks to donations, so far from faculty, staff and alumi. The first donations came from former campus president William Lewis, who recently retired. The hope is for the threads to increase self confidence, with a flare.

 "Having this career closet is going to give them that one extra thing that's going to help them be successful in the job search process," said Harris.

"It's giving the message that we care about you and we're helping you invest in your future," said Ball.

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