Dept. of Justice speaks with Covington Co. residents

Dept. of Justice speaks with Covington Co. residents

COVINGTON COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Department of Justice attended a meeting hosted by the NAACP in Covington County to address issues in the school district.

Parents and community member voiced their concerns about a range of issues.

Members of the Department of Justice said they visited the county to ensure that every students is receiving equal opportunity.

These parents said they are concerned about inequality, but they had a whole lot more to say.

"Our school system was failing my children," one parent said.

Most of them are concerned about the quality of education in the Covington County School District.

"For a whole year and a half, my child sat static, learning nothing," a concerned parent said.

Many parents are concerned that students in Covington county don't have textbooks.

"How can you teach a child based on a worksheet, there were plenty of nights, I wanted to cry, pull my hair out," one parent said.

Seven on your side reached out to Superintendent Dr. Arnetta Crosby about some of these issues including the need for books, she state by phone to us that for three years, the state has been using a different assessment and because the schools are in a financial bind, it doesn't make sense to purchase books not knowing the standards that the state would adopt.

The issue of the schools being consolidated was also addressed at the meeting.

Dr. Crosby said no decision has been made in that regards.