Road safety projects begin in Lamar County, expect road closures

Road safety projects begin in Lamar County, expect road closures
Road safety projects begin in Lamar County

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A few roads in northern Lamar County will be undergoing some construction, all with the efforts to make the roadways a little safer.

There will be multiple closures along Oloh Road, from the intersection of North Black Creek Road to the intersection with Hwy 589, while a hill is lowered and various drain piping is installed.

"With this particular intersection, we've had several accidents since I've been in office, and it's been a project that we've been working along with state aid through (County Engineer) Don Walker to get this hill cut down," District 5 Lamar County Supervisor Dale Lucus said. "So, we feel like with taking this down about two and a half feet that people will now actually be able to pull up and see a car coming before they exit out into the road."

Project engineer Jason Lamb said the traffic impact will be concentrated to just the few construction sites.

"The greatest impact to traffic on this project will be the regrading of the hill between Walker Hill Road and North Black Creek Road," Lamb said. "We want to try to address the bulk of the work within a work week, a 40-hour work week and try to return traffic to normal patterns by the weekend, mother nature cooperating, in the event that it extends longer, we do feel like we can accomplish it in two weeks."

"It makes it safer because you've got two intersections here at North Black Creek Road and Walker Hill Road that's less than 100 yards apart, and then you've got this little noel that people when they come out of Walker Hill and try to turn back south to go towards Oloh, cars are on them so fast then they get t-boned on the side," Lucus said.

At one point during the construction, the intersection of Scruggs Road will also be impassable, according to county officials.

"We've got further on down the road we've got some drainage problems, it will be some pipes put in, and then at the very end at 589 there's no pipe at all, and we're having standing water after big rain events," Lucus said.

The projects are state-aid funded according to Lucus, and the smaller drainage projects will be day-time work.

"Work on drainage improvements, that work will be daytime work and during the nighttime hours we'll be able to return the traffic to normal patterns," Lamb said.

Oloh Road will see the main bulk of construction starting today, July 17th.