Officials breakdown real cost of seat belt fines

Officials breakdown real cost of seat belt fines

Dwayne Moak of Laurel said he was driving his friend driving around town last week when he was pulled over by police.

"He pulled me over and said the passenger didn't have his seat belt on," Moak explained.

Moak said his friend had the lap belt on, but not the shoulder restraint.

Because the driver is held responsible, Moak knew he would be charged a fined

"I was told it was 25 dollars for a ticket and went there to pay it, but when I went to pay it, it was $80.50.

Seven on your side found out that the ticket prices vary per jurisdiction, according to the Officer Scott Wuertz with the Ellisville Police Department.

"In Ellisville, the fine for driving or having a person in your vehicle without a seat belt will be 35 dollars per charge," Officer Wuertz said.

Here's a breakdown of the fines for areas in the Pine Belt.

In Petal the fine is $80 dollars.

In Jones County, the fine is $43.50 through the Sheriff's Department, and $33.50 if the Mississippi Highway Patrol pulls you over.

Officer Wuertz said it's best to always stay buckled up for your safety.

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