Petal may soon get its own app

Petal may soon get its own app

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - For residents who live in Petal, there may be another tool in their arsenal for keeping up with events taking place in the city, contacting city officials and receiving alerts.

The Friendly City is considering making available to its residents, an app which would make all that possible, plus more.

It's called "SeeClickFix" and was developed by a digital communications company in Connecticut. The company runs the website and app which assist users in communicating with their local government.

If approved, the app will be free to download and it maps users comments, suggest courses of action and picture documentation can be added. The user friendly interface will allow for notifications based on selected areas and keywords. The app is already used by over 300 cities across the country.

The Mayor of Petal, Hal Marx, says the app would help residents get a faster response time to their concerns.

"We'll have a system in place where at the push of a button, people can report code violations, water leaks, potholes, any kind of issue they may have," Marx said, "We can instantly receive their information, process it and report back to them after we've addressed their concerns."

The measure to adopt using the app is on the agenda for Tuesday nights board meeting in Petal and is expected to be approved. The cost for city to acquire the software for using the app will be around $7,000 and would come out of the city's budget. It would be available within a few weeks after approval.