William Carey medical staff visits Honduras

William Carey medical staff visits Honduras

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Members of the William Carey Medical school visited Ojojona, Honduras to give medical attention and education to the people there, but they came back learning a bigger lesson.

Dr. Melissa Stephens and Dr. Carole Marrole were part of the team that traveled to the village. One patient that stuck out to them was a little girl with down syndrome.

"The mother had actually made a trip, having to carry her several hours just to get to us," said Dr. Stephens.

Every day the mother would carry her daughter to the clinic. Two physical therapists went into town and bought PVC pipes and tennis balls to make the girl a walker.

"So on the final day, we all got to see her walk across the floor for the very first time," Dr. Stephens said. "Seeing the smile on her face was absolutely amazing."

The team consisting of physical therapists, ophthalmologists, vets, surgeons, pharmacists and medical residents also made a difference in 1,700 other patients.

"We really were able to make a difference in the lives of the people with the few things we had on hand," said Dr. Stephens.

Resourcefulness was something important learned over the trip. Both women said they came back with an overall appreciation of the resources we have within the country.

This team has already started planning their next trip to Ojojona next summer.