Camp Shelby celebrates 100 years

Camp Shelby celebrates 100 years

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Camp Shelby hosted a Centennial Gala Thursday at the Lake Terrace Convention Center in Hattiesburg for National Guard members and the community to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

Col. Greg Michel said it's one of the premier training facilities in the country.

"Over one million service members have come through and trained deployed, redeployed through camp Shelby," Col. Michel explained.

Veteran War Correspondent and author Joe Galloway said the community has played a pivotal role in Camp Shelby's success.

"I really congratulate the city of Hattiesburg and the state of Mississippi an institution like Camp Shelby for as long as they have," Galloway added. .

Col. Michel said it's an institution that still has so much more to offer.

"With the initiative, this community has had and the support its had, Camp Shelby will be here no doubt another 100 years and will continue to play a vital role in preparing men and women to defend this nation." Col. Michel said.

This is just one of many Camp Shelby centennial celebrations. To keep up to date with the next events go to and click on this story to see a link to their Facebook page.