Petal Police offer safety tips following child gun deaths

Petal Police offer safety tips following child gun deaths

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - South Mississippi law officers are offering some life-saving tips following the tragic deaths of two Central Mississippi children who were accidentally shot with guns.

Petal Police said there are some proactive steps gun owners can take to keep their children safe around firearms.

Earlier this month, two 5 year-olds, one from Jackson and the other from Winston county, died after being accidentally shot with guns in their homes.

"Teach your children to always handle a firearm safely, never to point a firearm at anyone for any reason, never touch a firearm unless an adult is present and always teach them the consequences of a firearm, the dangers when you do shoot a firearm," said Sammy Ray, an investigator with the Petal Police Department.

Ray said parents should make sure their kids never show a firearm to other children without an adult around.

"It is ultimately the parents' responsibility to safely secure (their) firearm, whether that be in their home or their automobile," Ray said.

"You cannot safely teach a 3-year-old the dangers of a firearm, so there again, it's going to be the parents' responsibility to properly secure that firearm," he said.