Trash causing problems for residents at a Hattiesburg apartment

Trash causing problems for residents at a Hattiesburg apartment
Trash causing issues for Hattiesburg apartment. Photo credit WDAM.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Alpine Village apartments in Hattiesburg is getting attention this week for all the wrong reasons. Tenants are complaining about trash inside and out of a dumpster.

"When the wind starts to hit, it smells like a dead man in the trash can," one resident said.

The trash hasn't been picked up in nearly a year, according to tenants. One man told WDAM that he plans to move out once his lease expires.

"I have two kids in the house, and I have one on the way," he said. "I can't live like that."

The apartment is owned by David Dearman and Dearman Property Management. The company says they are doing everything they can to fix the problem, but an issue with the road is preventing trucks from getting to the dumpster.

"We poured concrete at first," maintenance manager Jeremiah Christy said. "It was for light vehicle traffic. Waste pro isn't supposed to be driving over the top of it anymore. When their driver saw the patch, and we even had a barricade up, they drove right through it."

They plan to work on the road this week. Christy says they placed an extra dumpster on the property, but people continue to throw trash in the other bin.

"It was scheduled to be dug up this week, and we are actively repairing things here," Christy said. "We do care about our tenants."