LIST: Former Lawrence County jailer and 47 others arrested for drug sales

LIST: Former Lawrence County jailer and 47 others arrested for drug sales

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - More arrests have been made after an 18 month multi-county drug investigation.

Former Lawrence County Jailer Renee Simpson and 47 others were arrested Thursday and Friday in raids in five southwest Mississippi counties.

The arrests were part of an 18-month joint drug investigation by the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Monticello Police Department and Lawrence County Sheriff Department, according to MBN Director John Dowdy.

Federal, state and local law enforcement officers served two search warrants and arrest warrants for the suspects in Lawrence, Lincoln, Walthall, Jefferson Davis, Pike and Copiah counties, though most face charges for selling drugs in Lawrence County, according to Dowdy.

Dowdy said there were 423 dosage units of hydrocodone, 107 dosage units of oxycodone, 135 grams of methamphetamine, 19 grams of crack cocaine and eight grams of cocaine powder seized in the raids.

Assisting the MBN in the raids were the Mississippi Department of Corrections, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control, Mississippi Highway Patrol, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals Service, as well as the Monticello Police Department, and the sheriff departments in Lawrence County, Jefferson Davis County, Copiah County, Walthall County and Lincoln County.

All suspects were transported to the Lawrence County Jail, where they were booked and held pending initial appearances.

Those arrested are as followed:

  • Kenneth Peyton, Monticello
  • Keisha Thomas Jackson, Monicello
  • Clayton Howard Humphrey, Monticello
  • Chadwick Nelson Oatis, Silver Creek
  • Danny Chapman, Monticello
  • Craig Longino, Bogue Chitto
  • Taylor McPhail, Sontag
  • Haley Wallace, Monticello
  • Matthew Johnson, Monticello
  • Charles Ray Daggins, Monticello
  • Jamie Easterling, Jayess
  • Jeremy Morgan, Monticello
  • Kevin Wallace, MDOC
  • Craig Rutland, Monticello
  • Kelly Mamerow, MDOC
  • Fred Earl Magee, Oakvale
  • Regina Evans, Monticello
  • Jessica Purvis, --
  • Demetrius Diggs, Prentiss
  • Shacorey Pittman, New Hebron
  • Charli Marie Hensley, Monticello
  • Lendell Keon Collins, Monticello
  • Gaille Burris, Silver Creek
  • Lenora Evans, New Hebron
  • Frederick Harris,
  • Rose Mary Nichols, Monticello
  • Renee Simpson, Monticello
  • Veronica Johnson, Prentiss
  • Sandra Ward, Silver Creek
  • Christie Walker, Prentiss
  • Tina Buckley, Sontag
  • Kaye L Hargett, Prentiss
  • Ozie Longino
  • Ester McCullum, Monticello
  • Carsie Lewis, Monticello
  • Vicki Anderson, Prentiss
  • Frankey Oatis, Prentiss
  • Lyndon Wayne Johnson, Monticello
  • Willie Earl Bridges, Monticello
  • Howard Herrion Jr., Jayess
  • Kenneth Goode, Prentiss
  • Frank Barr, Sontag
  • Gerald Lee Toler, Monticello
  • Gregory Warner, Prentiss
  • Daryl Lamont Peyton, Jayess
  • Derek Martin,
  • Dexture Maye
  • Larry Longino, Sontag

Those still being sought are as followed:

  • Kimberly Westmoreland, Jayess
  • Jamie Bozeman, Monticello
  • Cntonieo Courtney, Monticello
  • Peggy Sue Courtney, Monticello
  • Danny Powell, Prentiss
  • Kenterio Smith, Silver Creek
  • Jeffery Holloway, Monticello
  • Shelby Smith, Monticello
  • Kristie Tanner
  • Maurice Warner
  • Anthony Johnson, Monticello
  • Ricki Polk Dale, Monticello
  • John William Thompson Jr., Monticello
  • Booker Eley, Monticello
  • April Bridges, Silver Creek
  • Demetri Bridges, Monticello
  • Travis Barnes, Monticello