Hattiesburg city council approves mayor's appointments

Hattiesburg city council approves mayor's appointments

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Now that Toby Barker is the new mayor of Hattiesburg, he's tasked with finding team members for his new administration.

"Building a team is going to take several months, we want to pick the right person,"  Barker said. "We're evaluating departments now, who's there and we're opening up for other folks to apply as well."

Council members unanimously approved three key positions during Wednesday's meeting.

Ann Jones will serve as Chief Administrative Officer, a position that hasn't been filled in the last eight years.

Council President Carter Carroll said he's pleased with the mayor's appointees.

"We've brought that position back. I think she will help the mayor and does wonderful job at that," Carroll said.

Kermas Eaton will continue to serve as city clerk, and Randy Pope will take over as city attorney, a position held by Annie Amos.

"He's an excellent attorney and will help both the mayor and the council. The mayor has asked to bring back Kermas Eaton as clerk, and I think he will do a good job as well," Carroll said.

The mayor is also expected to announce his choice for Chief Financial Officer and Communications Officer.

Mayor Barker said he wants the best people to serve the Hub City.

"You have power and you have opportunity. You have the power to give someone a good day or a bad day. You have the power to shape perceptions of our city," Barker said. "But you also have opportunity. I told them they have the opportunity to make people feel good about their reason they chose to live or do business here."